World Trip 2012-13: Day 132 – Boquete, Panama

Tuesday 5 February 2013
Highlights: Outsmarted by a monkey, 1.5 hour hike to magnificent waterfall, Hot Springs.

It’s not often that I learn that a monkey is smarter than me, but today I have to say I was outwitted and left thirsty as a result. However that was later in the day.

For a total cost of $52.50 I had booked two events today; a 3 hour return hike to a waterfall and, a visit to a local hot spring. First up was the hike which Mike, Bo, Ivan, Esther, Laura, Robin, James, Lisa and myself decided on. The hike is for the most part a gentle 1.5 hour climb. During the hike you look out for monkeys, birds and plant life. One highlight on the way up was the Tarzan swing of strong tree vines. Our fearless Tour Leader Liza lead the way!

 The waterfall was a major height even if not a lot of water. Although both James and Lisa who stood under the waterfall and got drenched might have another idea. Lisa bought a watermelon and a pineapple for us to snack upon at the waterfall, a very thoughtful Chief Experience Officer. Lisa somehow managed to balance the watermelon on her head while extremely wet? No one fell during the hike despite the slippery conditions although I did try on occasion.

In the afternoon a smaller group, James, Robin, Mike, Bo, Ivan and myself joined the Hot Spring activity. James bought his eskie and both Mole and James were set for beers. Their only problem was the 15 or so minutes walking to the hot springs with the heavy load. There were two very hot natural springs I was only able to relax in the coldest one which was about 30-40 degrees.

Our activity guide warned us about a local monkey that liked to steal items and play with them and that we should keep everything in our daypacks. I followed his advise to a point. When exiting the first hot spring a number of children walked up and I put down my Gatorade suddenly a monkey run up and took off with me drink only stopping to open the lid and drink the entire contents. He looked at me in jest and I think thanks. He had occasionally waited for the exact right moment, I had been defeated by a monkey and the local children couldn’t stop laughing.

Pride hurt I went down to the river to cool off and reflect on being outwitted and suffering without a drink in an area that was very hot. James did come to the rescue with a bottle of water fortunately which was probably payment for giving everyone such a laugh.

That evening I joined Lisa and Rebecca for dinner and I got to enjoy and ending with two charming ladies and in particular enjoyed discussing with Lisa her experiences and world view. A great day that showed the some animals are very smart.

Panama Facebook Photos.


Waterfall at Boquete


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