World Trip 2012-13: Day 133 – Boquete to Santa Catalina, Panama

Wednesday 6 February 2013
Highlights: Magnificent Santa Catalina beach.

At 8 am we were off on our journey to Santa Catalina by private van. The van was a little on the compact side for a long trip but that soon changed. Unfortunately Rebecca was feeling unwell and 40 minutes into our journey we pulled over. The only toilet was the local Police Station who let her use their facilities.

Worse was to come for Rebecca over the next 40-60 minutes. Instead of getting better she was getting worse. In the end an ambulance was called for an assessment. They determined she needed to go to hospital for a check up. Lisa had to accompany Rebecca so we resumed with two less passengers but on the upside more space in the van. James took over liaison duties with the driver and on arrival with hotel management. The delay meant we had to cancel our stop at a waterfall.

Our new hotel was the Oasis Surf Camp. We unloaded the van away from the hotel as the Pacific Ocean brings some water between the town and the hotel. You can only cross on foot during low tide but you still get wet. At night you are effectively cut off from the rest of the world.

The beach outside my room is magnificent and very big. Tomorrow I’m planning to go snorkelling in the Pacific a change from the 4 previous snorkelling activities that I have done in the Caribbean from 4 other countries during this trip. Panama is a country in which it is possible to swim in both Pacific and Caribbean oceans within 24 hours.

We go the news that Rebecca is much better but is staying for observation for the night. Lisa will stay with her and hopefully they will both rejoin us later tomorrow. In the mean time I just enjoyed the beautiful beach.

Panama Facebook Photos.


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