World Trip 2012-13: Day 134 – Santa Catalina, Panama

Thursday 7 February 2013
Highlights: Snorkelling in the Pacific.

Today was my only day full day in Santa Catalina and I wanted to make the most of it so I selected an all day snorkelling excursion. Joining me today was James, Robin, Bo and Ivan, or at least that was the plan. At the appointed time James, Robin and myself crossed the small waterway to exit the property and waited for our pick up. We later learned the Bo and Ivan’s alarm didn’t work properly today. The tour operator was keen for their money and tracked them down. This gave us a chance to enjoy breakfast before our activity.

The snorkelling activity had us take an hour and a half ride to our first location Isla Granito De Oro. The ride was a little wild at points as we jumped of the waves and came crashing down! The water was crystal clear around the island and quite warm. The fish were very colourful as well although the coral was just basic colours. Everyone else managed to see turtles at this location but not me :(.

The next location was at the administration island which is home to crocodiles in one location. I decided not to swim there as trying to out swim a predator isn’t my idea of a YOLO Adventure! The included lunch was adequate to refuel energy for swimming in the afternoon. You can stay on the island overnight and it looked like a few backpackers had decided to stay.

Our final spot was around a number of small islands and this time our boat driver joined us and lead us around a number of good spots which included seeing a turtle.

The return back from our snorkelling excursion was extremely bumpy causing the onset of a minor headache for me, probably due to dehydration as well. Later with rest, a shower and some Panadol I felt a little better but the harsh sun also left me with some sunburn.

The good news was that Liza and Rebecca had made it to Santa Catalina and that Rebecca had recovered. After dinner I had another very insightful conversation with our CEO Lisa about people and life.

Panama Facebook Photos.


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