World Trip 2012-13: Patagonia Experience Tour Highlights

Tour Title: Patagonia Experience and Antarctica in Depth
Tour Company: G Adventures
Tour Leader: Alvaro Jaime
Dates: 29 October 2012 to 7 November 2012

Tour members: Seven
Ben Noonan, Kurt Lybaert, Nina Pettersen, Christopher Barnes, Karen Taylor, David and myself.

This tour is actually made up of two separate stages Patagonia and Antarctica. The Patgonia leg is under the G Adventure type style “Classic”. The Antarctica review is covered separately;
1) Antarctica In Depth.

During my 2012-2013 World Trip I undertook quite a few G Adventure trips. First in South East Asia;
1) Colours of Asia

And starting in December 2012 I commenced the Mexico and Central America tour which is actually four tours combined:
1) Mexico Ancient Civilizations
2) Mayan Sun
3) Volcano Trail; and
4) Panama Experience.

When I booked this trip I was really concentrating on the Antarctica leg however I now understand how much I underrated the Patagonia region. During an action packed 10 days I got to hike on a glacier, camp in Torres del Paine National Park for two nights, trekking in the rain in the French Valley, watching avalanches up close. Something I won’t forget for a long time was the sight that was the Three Granite Towers in the Torres del Paine National Park especially after the long and at times dangerous hike.

You need to be prepared for long and at times difficult hikes, fitness is important but more important is a spirit to explore and enjoy nature. Camping is also part of this tour and you need to pack for cold and rainy weather.

Tour Leader

Alvaro Jaime is a very cool guy who is always keen to help you enjoy yourself. Alvaro is passionate about nature and the Patagonia region in particular.

1) South America Photos
Patagonia Experience Journal Entries

Day 33 – Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Highlights: The snow capped mountains of Ushuaia
Day 34 – Ushuaia to El Chaltén. Highlights: Picturesque El Chaltén, Drive to El Chaltén
Day 35 – El Chaltén. Highlights: Nine hour hike to Laguna de Los Tres
Day 36 – El Chaltén to El Calafate. Highlights: Ice trekking on Viedma Glacier.
Day 37 – El Calafate. Highlights: Perito Moreno Glacier
Day 38 – El Calafate to Puerto Natales. Highlights: Border Crossing, Car Rally
Day 39 – Torres del Paine National Park. Highlights: Three Granite Towers, Camping
Day 40 – Torres del Paine National Park. Highlights: Hike up the French Valley, Avalanche spectacular, boat crossing.
Day 41 – Torres del Paine National Park. Highlights: Grey’s Glacier, Farewell to half the group.
Day 42 – Puerto Natales to Ushuaia. Highlights: 13 hour bus ride and border crossing.


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