World Trip 2012-13 Antarctica Highlights

My twelve day journey to and around Antarctica as part of the G AdventuresAntarctica Classic in Depth” program is easily one of the major highlights of all my trips out of Australia. Simply put it is the trip of a lifetime and well worth the money despite the high cost.  To see some videos click here or my YouTube Playlist.

Camping Neko Harbour, Antartica 11-12 November 2012: Unforgettable!!

 The wildlife in Antarctica doesn’t really worry about humans I saw four species of penguins and three types of seals. Dolphins, Killer Whales and a Humpback Whale were also highlights.

Danko Island 11 November 2012

 Climbing on board an iceberg was also a rare thrill. The zodiac rides were also action packed and could easily have seen me into the water on occasions. I loved landing on icebergs and standing on them watching the moving landscape.

Enterprise Island zodiac cruise 14 November 2012

On one of the landing the passengers in the front looked like drowned rats after completing the polar plunge 🙂

Deception Island 16 November 2012: The crazy polar plunge!

I loved every minute of it, even the challenge of showering in a rocking ship 🙂

Camping overnight 11-12 November 2012 Neko Harbour, Antartica:

 Antarctica Photos

Journal entries:

Day 43 – Ushuaia to Drake Passage. Highlights: Setting sail for Antarctica
Day 44 – Drake Passage. Highlights: Rough Seas and Onboard lectures
Day 45 – Drake Passage. Highlights: Antarctica Convergence, Captain’s Welcome, Camping demonstration
Day 46 – Danko Island and Neko Harbour. Highlights: Antarctica Continent Landing, Genteel Penguins, Weddell Seals and Sleeping under the stars!
Day 47 – Cuverville Island and Jougla Point. Highlights: Camping on Antarctica
Day 48 – Peterman Island and Pleneau Bay. Highlights: Peterman Island, Pleneau Bay, Walking on an Iceberg, BBQ on the deck, Shots off 5,000 year old ice.
Day 49 – Paradise Bay and Enterprise Island. Highlights: Paradise Bay zodiac cruise, Visiting the Bridge, Enterprise Island zodiac cruise
Day 50 – Deception Island and Livingston Island. Highlights: Landing at Deception Island, Polar Plunge, Wild zodiac ride, Humpback Whale
Day 51 – Half Moon Island and Drake Passage. Highlights: Sunshine, Chinstrap Penguins, Macaroni Penguin
Day 52 – Drake Passage. Highlights: Rock and rolling of the Drake Passage
Day 53 – Drake Passage. Highlights: Cape Horn, Farewell Toast
Day 54 – Ushuaia. Highlights: Farewell, Strike in Argentina!

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  1. Living and working in Antarctica, even for short periods of time, is not for the faint of heart.
    Bigger than continental USA and Mexico put together. “Camp Hope”, the hastily-set-up settlement near the collapsed
    San Jose gold and copper mine, is already attracting curious day

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