World Trip 2012-13: Day 48 – Peterman Island to Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

Tuesday 13 November 2012
Highlights: Peterman Island, Pleneau Bay, Walking on an Iceberg, BBQ on the deck, Shots of 500 year old ice.

Here is a YouTube video so you can get a feel of the conditions.

Today was overwhelming, I mean how often do you climb on a moving iceberg and just watch as you float around 🙂

The weather was much better today, my group was drawn for the last landing at Peterman Island. On the good side this meant that the snow path had be pounded into ice making walking around easier, but still not easy.

On this island we got to see Adelie Penguins, Gentoo Penguins and Blue Eyed Shags (flying birds that look like penguins). There is an emergency hut on the island which the Gentoo penguins have taken up residence around. Also the penguins guard a cross erected for three mountaineers who lost their lives and where never found.

In the afternoon we had a zodiac cruise around Pleneau Bay. This is a very cool way to travel (and very cold) as you zig and zag around the ice. Our zodiac landed on an iceberg which we climbed aboard and just watched the currents move the ice around. It felt like I was on the top of the world or I suppose the bottom! At one point we got to experience a whirlpool effect as the different currents met each other.

The surprise of the day was that dinner was a barbecue outside the Polar Bear Bar on deck five. Warm wine was served as Andreas, Kurt, Ben and myself went up to the top deck and watched the amazing scenery as we enjoyed a BBQ in the minus temperatures. The burger tasted pretty sweet 🙂

From here we retired to the Polar Bear Bar and after four beers I was talked into taking a shot off 5,000 year old ice that was collected during the earlier cruise. For me vodka was the choice to go with this fine ice. It was a party atmosphere with everyone having a great time. Best day of my trip so far.

Antarctica Photos

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