World Trip 2012-13: Day 53 – Drake Passage to Beagle Channel, Antarctica

Sunday 18 November 2012
Highlights: Cape Horn, Farewell Toast, Polar Bar

The last full day on the ship commenced with everyone struggling to walk in the rolling ship. Vera informed us that one of her roommates was vomiting during the night and was very unwell. Later the ship’s Doctor administered an injection which only occurs in very bad cases.

The first event for the day was watching an old black and white movie of a ship in be 1930s going around Cape Horn. Before the Panama Canal this was a major trade route which claimed hundreds of ships. In the 1990s the individual who shot the film added his commentary. While the ship made it they lost two seamen overboard in one of the many storms the ship endured.

Just before lunch I then attended a lecture on Navigating the Sea. We learned about the earliest methods right up to today’s GPS system that a lot of the western world now uses, but not all. I have to admit I struggled to stay awake during this presentation, not because of the subject it was a combination of the warmth of the room, comfortable seats and the movement of the ship. I notice I wasn’t the only one with this problem.

Just before lunch we rounded Cape Horn as we were allowed on deck I went out and was nearly blown away. A quick retreat to lunch and all of a sudden the wild ocean and wind was gone. During lunch I spotted some dolphins which was very cool.

In the afternoon I attended a briefing on the G Adventure Arctic tour that runs from June to September. It was stressed to us how different this tour was as we had to go and find the wildlife and how he wildlife there runs away while in Antarctica it just stands there or goes to sleep. This is definitely something I will consider in the future, especially since they leave from Norway.

Later on we had a farewell toast by the Captain and the hotel and support staff sang a goodbye to us all. I ended the night playing ‘shithead’ a card game with Ben, Andreas, Vera and Kurt in the Polar Bar with live music from the passengers. We all enjoyed our last night together drinking beers and recalling events. Sadly I returned to my cabin at midnight with this journey now over 😦

Antarctica Photos

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