World Trip 2012-13: Day 54 – Drake Passage to Ushuaia, Argentina

Monday 19 November 2012
Highlights – Farewell to MS Expedition, National Strike in Argentina

After 11 days on the MS Expedition today was the sad end with one final breakfast and then some farewell hugs as people started leaving the ship and some leaving Ushuaia as well. Today Kurt left the entire tour after us spending 22 days together.  I will miss Kurt Who has been a good fellow traveller,the second good traveller I have run into from Belgium, a country I have good memories of.

At 8.15 am both myself and Ben joined the group with transferred to pre-booked hotel, in our case the Albatross. While we couldn’t check into noon we had internet access for the first time in 12 days. For the rest of the day I started uploading stories, videos and pictures before I forgot important facts. The world seems to have gotten on well without me.
However we did catch up with Vera for dinner to catch up and say goodbye to this crazy lady who seems to enjoy sub zero temperatures. At this point we started hearing rumours of a strike. Unfortunately they turned out to be true and my flight tomorrow has already been cancelled and I’m be moved back another day to a 10 pm flight that would cause all kinds of problems with other connecting flights.

Hopefully I’ll be able to work out something tomorrow. Other people in Ushuaia are also having major problems with flights and accommodation.

Antarctica Photo.

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