World Trip 2012-13: Day 55 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Tuesday 20 November 2012
Highlights: Stranded in Ushuaia

I found out that the national strike was definitely on. Argentina Airlines had changed my flight from noon today to 10.35 pm tomorrow which would result in me missing my connecting (but not linked) flights from Buenos Aires to Miami and Miami to Dallas and finally Dallas to Washington.

My arranged transportation had no knowledge of me causing additional problems so I organised a taxi to the airport. I decided to go to the airport and try my luck. I had worked out there was a possibility to fly out of Buenos Aires late tomorrow night but I needed an earlier flight from Ushuaia, latest early afternoon. In the end I overcome the language barrier and got rescheduled to 13.45 tomorrow.

On returning to Ushuaia I rebooked in the Albatross at $225 USD most places where booked due to the strike stranding people. The expedition ships were also caught so I’m lucky in some ways. During the day I rang QANTAS 5 times to fix the American Airline flights booked through them. At 1.25 am they had fixed everything.

I have a tight connection tomorrow in Buenos Aires but if I make that connection I should be okay. I now have four flights back to back and no break. I’ve lost hotel bookings in Buenos Aires and Miami as they are non refundable :(. So what was going to be an easy four flights over 3 days with 2 hotel stops as now turned into a mega travelling adventure.

Still QANTAS went out of there way to look after me. I’m breaking the rules of my ticket and they still looked after me. They even got American Airlines to open up a business class seat so I didn’t lose what I had booked. I was happy to lose this seat as long as I got to Dallas on time to see my mum as planned so I consider this exceptional service, and all from an award booking too. This is the reason I fly QANTAS.

A very long day organising things but I did manage to go out and get a passport stamp for Ushuaia and get some fresh air. Thanks to my sister Lana for assisting when this problems hit. Thanks to her, my airport visit and my knowledge of options I’m in a way better position then most other people.

Now for the airport transfer and the Argentina flight to be on time tomorrow.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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