World Trip 2012-13: Day 115 – Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

Saturday 19 January 2013
Highlights: Worsening and spectacular weather.

The weather worsened overnight leading to the cancellation of all today’s Ferries meaning we were stranded on the island. Gabo had to start working on alternative backup plans for tomorrow and the day after just in case we a still stuck on the island.

Personally I was fine with this as it meant we weren’t doing an overnight van trip today and we still had a good chance to get to Granada as per the original itinerary. Plus I was overdue for a travel setback and getting caught on an island with good accommodation isn’t really a major problem.

James and Robin gracefully invited me to breakfast which was cool since they have some many interesting stories. We also caught up for dinner this time with Roman and Sylvia also joining us.

During the day I started converting my hard copy journal of my first world trip in 1999-2000 in an electronic record and later I enjoyed watching the WB Network on TV in my room.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave at 5.30 am and if everything goes right we will get to Granada at midnight. Luckily my sister has uploaded a large number of TV shows for my to watch while travelling during the day. Fingers crossed the weather will let us leave, I’m expecting a bumpy ride if we do get out.

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