World Trip 2012-13: Day 116 – Roatan Bay Islands to Granada, Nicaragua

Sunday 20 January 2013
Highlights: Escaping the island, 22 hours travelling to Granada 😦

We spent 22 hours travelling today. We left the hotel at 5.30 am and after trying to leave the island via a plane we instead got redirected to the Ferry for a very rough crossing back to the mainland. There were some screams from a few passengers!

If felt good to be back on the mainland but the ferry was delayed by 1.5 hours putting us a bit behind schedule so our 1.30 am hoped for arrival in Granada was already gone 😦

The van DVD player also didn’t work which made the journey feel a little longer for some of us. Luckily my sister Lana had sent me new episodes of Dexter, this and some games helped a great deal but the battery of both my iPad and iPhone was almost gone on arrival.

The border crossing was interesting once again. This time it appears that the corruption is more obvious as the border fees went straight to the official with no stamp or receipt! Welcome to Nicaragua.

We arrived at Granada at around 3.30 am in the morning which means we have now caught back up to the original schedule. I have a 9.00 am activity scheduled for tomorrow assuming I can wake up.

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