World Trip 2012-13: Day 42 – Puerto Natales to Ushuaia, Argentina

Wednesday 7 November 2012
Highlights: 13 hour bus ride (not really!)

Our long ride back to Ushuaia so we could begin our Antarctica voyage tomorrow. There are no international airports in this part of Chile so the bus was our only real option. A few hours into the ride we changed buses and I fired up the kindle for the first time of the trip to read a book which I finish around 6 hours later.

The bus needed to board a ferry at one point and a few hours later we officially left Chile and re-entered Argentina. This gave me a chance to reflect our splendid the entire Patagonia part of the trip was. This wasn’t really in my mind when booking the trip so a real bonus of this world trip.

Around 13 hours from when we start we arrived at our Ushuaia hotel. We got a 2 minute briefing about the boarding procedure for tomorrow, it was brief since we got in just after 8 pm local time. This lead to a final dinner with our tour leader for the first part of the trip Alvaro. It turned out to be a great 11 days and the Patagonian region worthy of a visit be itself but you need to be fit.

Tomorrow brings the first day of the MS Expedition for 10 days exploring Antarctica. I’m very much looking forward to this.

South America Photos.


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