World Trip 2012-13: Day 112 – Copán to Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

Wednesday 16 January 2013
Highlights: Ferry trip to Roatan Bay Islands.

Today was a very long travel day starting at 8 am and ending near 7 pm. In between we spent most of the day in a private can that the group upgraded to which made the day easier. At one point Gabo got a few of the group making friendship bracelets.

The highlight of the day was the ferry trip which took about an hour. The boat took of very quickly and I got to watch flying fish trying to get out of the way.

Near the end of the trip Gabo suggest to James, Robin and myself that we join Rita on the other side of the boat and enjoy the sunset and it was wonderful as the light stretched across the Caribbean Sea. Standing outside the ferry meant I was fairly wet by the time we arrived but it was worth it.

Honduras Facebook Photos

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