World Trip 2012-13: Day 113 – Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

Thursday 17 January 2013
Highlights: Snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea

I woke up in the Honduras version of Paradise, great sun, nice beach and relaxing water rolling in.

Today my plan was to take of was easy as possible and I very little but plans change. Visiting the major (only) road at West Point I found myself buying a new shirt and some snacks. I really noticed an increase in Americans here a sure sign a lot of tourists visit. Prices on the island are still cheap but a lot more expensive than the rest Honduras. Most of the prices are charged in US dollars as well.

During lunch at a local restaurant on the beach Robin invited my to join her and James on a boat ride a little further out at the reef and snorkelling. The sea looked too go to ignore 🙂

We went to two different locations and it was amazing! The first point I got to see a sea turtle!! After missing out at Caye Caulker I was extremely happy. The reef was very close to the top of the water so you had to find a way though like a maze. I thoroughly enjoyed the maze and the sudden reward when the ocean opened up there was sea life everywhere.

The second stop wasn’t as good but I got to see a lobster and some type squid like creatures along with a sea snake. Any amazing few hours thanks to Robins invite.

For dinner Gabo organised for a local lady to cook sea food most caught in the last 24 hours in these waters. This was followed by a fire on the beach and roasting marshmallows under the stars.

Honduras Facebook Photos


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