World Trip 2009-2010: Day 54 – Los Angeles, USA

Tuesday 19 January 2010
Highlights: Rodeo Drive Shopping

After a great night sleeping in a king bed with my own room I reluctantly got up as we had planned to pick up our new friend Karen for a day of shopping. I enjoyed the provided hotel breakfast but Andrew only found time for the free juice.

We picked up Karen from the Radisson LAX hotel and in heavy rain set off to Citadel shopping complex. Karen seemed well rested and I really enjoyed speaking to her about our recent tour and what happened after we left on Sunday. If there is ever an ideal tour member it is the lovely Karen.

At Citadel Andrew found out they don’t have a Nike store but likely got over it as we both bought runners and other items (including surprise presents for some). I was impressed when Andrew walked away from a sunglass deal. Karen shouted us lunch at the local diner and we all commented on how massive the servings are in the USA. I fear in just 40 hours I have put back on want the Inca Trail hard work took off.

Due to the rain Karen thought we should skip Venice Beach and go to Rodeo Drive instead – and inspired idea as it turns out. While I enjoy viewing the expensive diamond rings Andrew found the Nike store and probably set back all his savings in getting the tennis gear he has been talking about for months. However he was very happy.

We dropped the car off at Hertz and they then drove us to the airport instead of via a shuttle which I was very surprise at. I had packed my laptop into my daypack so we stayed with Karen at her terminal so she could make a Skype call and we enjoyed a small last meal together.

With great sadness we had to say goodbye again and headed over to our terminal. The bad news in no upgrade but it is likely we’ll have a free seat between Andrew and me – finger crossed. Overall a good day and I’m very happy with everything we did in 40 hours in LA especially seeing Karen once again.

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