World Trip 2009-2010: Day 55 – Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday 20 January 2010
Highlights: Spare seat on the long flight to New Zealand

The flight was mostly uneventful; we did end up with a seat free between us as I had planned. Even better we were just in front of the entry door meaning we would get off the plane very early.

Andrew started on the window seat but after a couple of hours said he was unwell and needed to go to the toilet on his return I gave him the aisle seat and settled down unusually in a window seat. I watched Will Ferrell’s “Your Welcome America” in which he plays George W Bush, which was fairly funny.

The flight was good in that by leaving after midnight you wanted to sleep. Also New Zealand was about 19 hours ahead which is really 5 hours behind plus one day, which means by sleeping on the plane you don’t really have any jetlag. We did 5 overnight bus/train trips during the South America tour plus 4 overnight plane trips during this trip. Keeping in mind that the last 5 days 3 were overnight transport and only 2 in a hotel I am glad this is the last overnight trip of this holiday.

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