World Trip 2009: Day 12 – Los Angeles, USA

Tuesday 2 June 2009
Highlights: Great fun at Knott’s Berry Farm

A very cool day. Originally we had Universal Studios on the agenda but I’ll be back to see that in January with Andrew, plus Knott’s had a very good senior discount so my mum was happy to give them a go.

Anyway I saw the following shows:

  • Wild West Stunt Show (corny but good)
  • Calico Saloon Bar Show (funny at times)
  • Mystery Lodge (educational native Indian story, the school kids seemed interested)

However Knott’s is more about the rides, and they have a surprising amount that tests you:

  • Big Foot Rapids (we get wet, very fun)
  • Ghostrider (a wooden rollercoaster – good but I was very sore after the ride)
  • Silver Bullet (you start with a huge speed push)
  • Perilous Plunge (crazy scary and good)
  • Montozcoma’s Revenge (legendary rollercoaster ride)
  • Jaguar (standard rollercoaster)
  • Sierra Sidewinder (great fun, rollercoaster in which you seat spins 360 while on the ride)

It was a great day. Knott’s is one of the only theme parks that I believe does cater for all ages.

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