World Trip 2006: Day 44 – Berlin, Germany

Mostly today was a day travelling and we got caught up by road works (left Amsterdam at 8 am in Berlin close to 7 pm). The most interesting thing of the day was stopping at one of the old East-West borders.   We went into the old car stop point and we even visited the room were fleeing East Germans never come out from … alive that is. It’s very sobering to remember how many people died because of some artificial point on a map.

I’m experiencing overwhelming emotions at various sites; this one and the Anne Frank House are two such places. The trip has been a very big emotion journey so far, from highs of meeting new friends, the excitement of bungy jumping, to the terror of being robbed and the sadness of visiting sites were people died for no good reason.   This trip can be a rollercoaster; some of my fellow travellers are just in it for the fun (i.e. pub crawls etc) which is fine, whereas I’m getting multiple benefits (including fun).   I think I’ll be a different person when I return.

You can’t see the hope of people in terrible situations (shanty towns SA), or be robbed by low-lives and not be changed somewhat. On a lighter note I caught up with fellow travellers Belinda, Rob & Jo again for their insights into Berlin just before they leave tomorrow.   Have to say BusAbout is a good way to go, you make the choices but we start meeting people as well which is very important in a foreign place and you don’t speak the language.

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An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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