World Trip 2006: Day 45 – Berlin, Germany

I’m staying in a hostel in the old East Berlin which is actually were the best sightseeing stuff is, including the giant TV tower the communist created to stop the West broadcasts.   I did a great walking tour; in short we visited or saw: the Berlin Wall, what’s left of it, the Deathstrip, Hitler’s Bunker, Checkpoint Charlie, Memorial for murdered Jews, Bebelplatz – site of booking burning, and the Reichstag Dome – Government headquarters.

There is currently 20% unemployment in Germany and it shows.   Tourist help out a lot but the linking of East & West is causing some problems.   Actually seeing things I had read about, like the book burning is very moving – strangely enough.   The wall and the stories of those who tried to cross is inspiring but it makes you think about the barriers we put up now in our country.   People in bad situations get desperate. I finished the day with a Pub Crawl.   Beer is actually very cheap.   I made it to the last pub, number 4, but decided to stop before the club while I could still walk.   Beer is usually given to you in 0.5 litres and is about 8% strong.   It doesn’t that long until zou can barely walk.   Meet some great Canadians who have all of a sudden started appearing to counter balance the Australian’s.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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