World Trip 2006: Day 46 – Berlin, Germany

Today was very light.   I visited Checkpoint Charlie and learned about all the escape attempts and the 100+ people who died.   You have to remember that West Berlin was surrounded by East Berlin.   East Berlin trains went through the West, but didn’t stop.   During the blockade it would have been very difficult to live in West Berlin.   A lot of the East Berlin sights are only still here because the West paid for them to be restored. Again today I was reminded of our today we restrict the movement of people with borders and guns.   After the countries reunited the new Parliament moved back to Berlin and the site of the Parliament is in the old Deathstrip between the two sides.   The current leader was actually from East Germany.

It’s hard to remember that the biggest slaughter of people all started in Berlin because no one stood up to Hitler until it was too late.   It’s a lesson we all need to remember.   You are actually a patriot to stand up against you government. On a lighter side I again caught up with Bec, Emily, Jess and Danny and we shared some drinks, the girls drowned in cheap vodka.   It’s a great aspect of BusAbout seeing people again and hearing their stories, a mixed of being independent and being in a group.   Emotionally you find yourself very engaged with fellow travellers and have great fun.


About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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