World Trip 2006: Day 42 – Delft , The Hague and Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Highlights: Model Town of Madurodam, International Court of Justice, Amsterdam Red Light District show at the Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre

I decided on a day tour out of the city.  First stop for today was Delft a city famous for hand painting pottery which I got to witness.   We followed this with a visit to The Hague and I got to see the ‘International Court of Justice‘.   The USA Embassy here has very high fences and security but other Embassies don’t have the same level of security.

After briefly seeing the beach (restaurants are built in one month and last 4 months before they must be removed due to colder weather and extreme wind) we moved to Madurodam which is a model town.


I finished the night with a visit to a live sex show in the Red Light District in Amsterdam at the Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre with Belinda.  This was a big eye opener watching the performances with a lot of them occurring with Prince songs playing.  Contiki tours obviously have a deal with this club as their group got up on stage and I saw some very interesting dances, half strips from these (very drunk) tourist.   The theatre was about 60% men, 40% women (a lot by themselves) which was a surprise in itself.  Have to say this isn’t something I would do back home!

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