World Trip 2006: Day 10 – Kruger National Park, South Africa

Friday 7 April 2006
Highlights: All of Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, well all I can say is stunning.   Elephants, giraffes, and springbok you name a Southern African animal and we saw it (except the big ‘cats’).   The truck is a great way to see the animals; we even managed to find a couple of hippos.

According to Jacko we also saw one in the swimming pool 🙂 The pool at this place was very relaxing, however how big kids (Jacko, Niels & Anika) got kicked out of the 6 year old and under version.


This was one of the very rare nights we didn’t stay at a Drifters property which meant we had other guests who didn’t realise this was for all our benefit 🙂   Going on a National Park night drive (so not a Drifter’s thing) we didn’t really see anything.   A couple of tourist kept stopping us for rabbits which I think I’ve seen enough of in Australia.   The night drive was actually very cold; I think Inge’s blood flow stopped at one point.

We ended the night talking around an outdoor fire talking about life in general as we had a few cold drinks, life is very hard sometimes 🙂

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