World Trip 2006: Day 6 – Johannesburg, South Africa

Monday 3 April 2006
Highlights: Test Match South Africa vs Australia

Well I enjoyed another great day at the cricket, I have to say this has been one of the best matches I’ve seen live.   Australia needs 44 more runs and Damian Martyn for once might actually score runs when we need then the most.

Around the ground the rumour was he had been told Michael Clarke was taking his place. South Africa are not a bad side however they are playing an Australian team that is determined to crush all opponents after the loss of the Ashes to England.

I’ve just met my group for the start of the 18 day tour.   We have a 5.30 am start tomorrow and the group has 10 people (including me).   In many ways this is the start of the trip as well.   I’d highly recommend Jo-burg to everyone, it’s a great place and there is a lot of recent history. My next post might be awhile, tomorrow night I’ve be staying in a tent so I’m guessing the internet isn’t there.

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