World Trip 2019: Day 23 – Frankfurt to Singapore

Saturday 31 August 2019
Highlights: Singapore Airlines A380 First Class, The Private Room, Changi Airport

A long day entirely spent and an airport sounds like hell but not when it’s Changi (Singapore) Airport and you have lounge access!

The long travel day started with flight that began the day before back in Frankfurt, Germany on Singapore Airlines A380 in first class. This was a 12 hour flight in which I spent a lot of the time actually sleeping due to the probably as much as 50% of the flight at 6 hours.

The Singapore Airlines seat/bed/suite is very suitable to sleeping. While the cabin overall is kept a little on the warm side the bed is fairly easy to sleep in. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful either. You find on a top first class flight experience that the time really flies. Before I really knew it I was landing just before 7 am local time. Full review located here.

From here it was a search for the SilverKris Lounge which also house the First Class Lounge and my base for today The Private Room. Totally by accident when having to choose turning right or left I correctly turned right and after a 10 minute walk found the SilverKris Lounge.

On arrival the Lounge Reception staff guided me though the Business and than First Class lounges into The Private Room which is reserved only for Singapore Airlines First Class passengers, who can’t get in based on status or by flying First class on a partner airline.

The Private Room is all class and elegance with numerous staff ready to help you however they can. Firstly I used one of the three showers to refreshen up and change clothes for the last time of this multi airport journey home. From here is was time for breakfast (freshly squeezed orange juice on request) and time to catch up on e-mails and blog entries.

Eventually I headed out back into the airport itself to both stretch my legs but also to visit some of the airport attractions. This included a visit to the Butterfly area and the separate Cactus Rooftop. I found have also visited the movie theatre for a free movie or even caught a free tour of the airport or city but I had little energy for a tour and I had access to movies on my iPad.

Back in The Private Room I had a nice lunch with a US Beef Burger and exceptionally nice ice cream. I could have order Dom Perignon as well but really I was overfull with food and had didn’t want any more alcohol for the remainder of the trip. Full lounge review is located here.

I couldn’t have eaten dinner in the lounge but I did have some more ice cream before heading to my boarding gate. At Singapore Airline security clearance is at the gate unlike most airports where it occurs before going airside, so you need to allow for more time. While waiting for the plane I run into a former colleague, Craig Shand, who was heading home from a holiday in Italy. A small world indeed.

Before I knew it is was time to board my last flight of this trip which was the ninth overall on SQ227 my 10 pm overnight flight home.

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