Flight Review – EK405 Singapore to Dubai

Singapore to Dubai
Airline: Emirates
Plane: Airbus 380-800
Gate: C26
Seat: 2K (First Class Suite window)
Boarded: 01:38
Departed: 02:03 (Scheduled 01:20)
Arrived: 04.53 (Scheduled 04:50)
Duration: 7 hours 50 minutes

This was the second leg of the EK405 with the first leg being Melbourne to Singapore (review here). We had a 2 hour 16 minutes transit which was longer than scheduled. I spent this time in the Emirates First Class Lounge (review here). Unlike most airports Singapore does a final passport check just to access the Gate which means you have to allow additional time to board.

I returned to my previous seat 2K which had been cleaned up and to new flight crew. I was provided with another amenities kit with the same goodies as the first leg and another set of pyjamas and slippers. For this flight I booked my shower for two hours before landing with breakfast to be shortly afterwards.

I skipped the Dom Pérignon welcome on board drink but took the very hot face towel to clean up followed by a quick change into my new pyjamas. The flight was delayed for some reason which was cutting into my sleeping time. At this point I had a slight headache, whether from the earlier alcohol or from my body thinking it was 5 am in the morning with only a few hours sleep to that point. Whatever the reason I was glad for the smooth take off and as soon as we levelled off I request the bed be made up.

This lead to around 4 hours solid sleep over the next 5 hours. The bed is really comfortable and I have no problems stretching out like a very comfortable and happy cat. The starts of the cabin roof continued to be a nice touch.

I woke up around 15 minutes before my scheduled shower so took the opportunity to convert the bed back to a sleep myself, putting the cushion and blankets in a spare suite nearby (I think there were 8 of 14 first class suites being used). At the appointed time I had another shower at 40,000 feet experience. This one I enjoyed even more coming after a solid sleep and knowing better how to best utilise the time.

On my return to my suite, still in my pyjamas, and found some slices of fresh fruit including an orange and strawberry. Not long afterward breakfast was served. I had ordered orange juice, wild mushroom and feta omelette, cornflakes with cold milk and freshly baked bread and pastries which I loved. The full menu is here.

Once again the service was first rate. Once the meal was cleared away my hostess enquired with I would like anymore and suggested a range of alcohol which I politely declined not wanting to chance the headache coming back that disappeared during my comfortable sleep. I was handed a Fast Track / Express card for Immigration.

The landing was smooth however the airport appeared very busy despite it being almost 5 am in the morning. I do have to say I got lost in the massive airport somehow ending up back airside, likely due to some many people transiting immediately to other flights so be care and follow the arrivals signs.

The Emirates A380 first class experience is an exceptional commercial flying experience. I loved every minute my only regret was the flight was direct to Dubai so I could enjoy more solid sleep and that the flights ended. Highly recommend the experience.

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