Lounge Review – Emirates Melbourne First-Business Lounge

When visited: November 2017
Time of day: Midday (5.00 pm to 5.55 pm)
Rating: 3.5 / 5

– Flying First or business class on an Emirates of Qantas flight later that day.
– Emirates Skywards Platinum or Gold member whose next onward flight that day carries a QF or EK flight number
– Qantas Platinum or Gold member flying international flight later that day
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

I accessed the International First Class Lounge as I was flying on Emirates First Class EK405 Melbourne to Singapore (review here) after earlier accessing the Qantas Melbourne First Class Lounge (review here).

The Emirates Melbourne First – Business Class Lounge is in international terminal on level three between Gates 15A and 15B, just take the escalator up and turn left into the lounge.

The Emirates Melbourne First – Business Class Lounge area is reasonable size with lots of seats about 1/3 provide views of the lounge. At the lounge foster counter you can turn either left (which takes you past the toilets and showers) or right (which takes you directly to seats with tarmac views). Both directions will take you in a circle eventually getting back to the front counter.

Note: There is a prayer room in this lounge for last minutes check ins with the guy upstairs asking for a safe flight.

The seating areas is both intimate and at the same time spacious. The chairs vary in style (all good) but mostly leather. Almost all seats have power points except for those in the dinning area.

There is one small service station with some very minor snacks and drinks (including alcohol) but the main game is the dinning area which has a buffet selection of food. I only tried some cheeses and a soft drink as I had already eaten in Qantas Lounge and had upcoming first class flight. The selections of food however were limited for a first class lounge. All food is halal. The drinks however are much more extensive.

There are showers, toilets, several TVs, three iMac computers, and printing facilities (no photocopying that I could see). There are a number of power outlets to plug in your laptop or other equipment at almost every seat.  Free Wi-Fi is offered which I used while in the lounge which was reasonable speed.

Lots of nature light, good showers, good range of drinks, lots of power points to charge your devices.

Limited hot food options.

This lounge feels more like a business class lounge which is why the low rating, if marketed as a business lounge I’d rated this 4.5 out of 5.  If you have access to the Qantas Melbourne International First Class Lounge as someone travelling first class take up that option instead of this lounge.  If you get access as a business class or gold member choose this lounge over the Qantas Business Class Lounge.

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