Lounge Review – Emirates Singapore First-Business Class Lounge

When visited: November 2017
Time of day: Midnight (00:12 to 01.08 pm)
Rating: 3 / 5

– Flying First or business class on an Emirates of Qantas flight later that day.
– Emirates Skywards Platinum or Gold member whose next onward flight that day carries a QF or EK flight number
– Qantas Platinum or Gold member flying international flight later that day
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

I accessed the International First Class Lounge as I was flying on Emirates First Class EK405 Melbourne to Singapore (review here) and Singapore to Dubai (review here).

Note: As I was on a short transit I only used the lounge for wifi access and a soft drink.

The Emirates Singapore First-Business Class Lounge is in terminal 1 on level three. It is about 50 metres from Gate 30, just take the escalator up and turn left into the lounge.

The lounge area is fairly small for a lounge marketed as being ‘First Class’ however at the time I was there it only had around 20 passengers and lots of empty space. There are several different types of seats all good and very comfortable and cozy. The dinning area is the furtherest point form the lounge entry, just take two lefts. There is also one prayer room. There was an adequate number of power points.

There is one small service station with drinks and some minor snacks. The dinning area is buffet style and offers a limited range of hot food and some nice looking sweets and pastries. All food served is halal.

There are showers, toilets, several TVs which had different news channels running, the nearest to me was CNN. There is also magazines and newspapers. There were 3 computers and one printer. There wifi service provided good speeds, you will need the password to access the secure network.

Nice quiet lounge, comfortable chairs, fast internet.

No wow factor, limited hot food options which were nearly empty despite lounge not being full.

I was happy to be in a lounge for the short transit. The lounge ticks all the required boxes for international lounge but nothing more.

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