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Flight Journal PDF <Updated 26 July 2018 to include Africa 2017-18 trip>

With a lot of help from family members I’ve now reconstructed my first and second overseas trips from 1986 and 1998 which means I’ve been able to finally compile a listing of all trips.  This excludes any domestic Australian flights, which I’m guessing would be around 580-600 at this point, so positioning flights to Sydney or Brisbane from Melbourne to fly overseas aren’t included.

I have undertaken 94 flights outside of Australia (2 first, 16 business, 2 premium economy, 74 economy), flying for 549 hours 20 minutes and 417,091 kilometres (259,168 miles) across 27 different airlines. The airport I’ve traveled the most though is Los Angeles (11 times) with Auckland second (5 times).

Not surprisingly the most I’ve flown on one airline is Qantas with 26 flights (5 business, 2 premium economy, 19 economy) flying 254 hours 10 minutes and 207,248 kilometres (128,778).  There are a number of airlines I’ve only flown with once but so far QATAR at 213 kilometres (132 miles) at 50 minutes on the recent Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh is the shortest for distance. I do however expect I’ll travel on long haul international with QATAR in the future since they are part of the Oneworld Alliance.

Once I fly with QATAR again that will make the AeroSur flight (and airline who have since closed) that I took with Andrew back 20 December from Santa Cruz to Sucre in Bolivia as the shortest distance at 273 kilometres (170 miles) and 40 minutes. This also happened to be one of the scariest flights landing at high altitude on a tiny runway that finished on the edge of a cliff!

My only 2 first class flights were in USA with American Airlines and in many ways they don’t count being in my opinion just below Qantas Domestic Business Class.  However my upcoming First Class flights on Emirates in November will definitely be the real thing!

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