A Friend’s Road To Marriage

My best friend Jonathan is a guy I greatly admire.  We have known each other for 30 years when we meet in high school (I’m showing my age here).

Jonathan is more of a risk taker than me.  He travelled the world after high school before me which then led to us both backpacking around the world for 118 days to celebrate the millennium back in late 1999.  Jonathan changed careers several days taking big risks that at one point had him teaching in England.

Last year my best friend meet someone very special, someone who would become his wife but which we had no way of knowing at the time.  Jonathan never really thought he would get married, he is very independent and focused and set very high standards of the person he might married.  He often comments of why marry, what’s wrong with just being partners.

This changed earlier this year when he proposed to the beautiful Arzu.  While I thought they could be a strong long term couple I didn’t actually think Jonathan would proposed.  I imagined them both missing the opportunity to build a life together due to their different views on marriage but Jonathan obviously cared enough, loved enough to see marriage as the best way to make Arzu happy and to keep her in his life forever.

I was lucky enough to be Jonathan’s best man.  Now instead of an insane Buck’s party Jon decided we would go with a Lawn’s Bowling and BBQ event which was a lot of fun.  Still I hear that the Hen’s party include a topless male model so I’m wondering if we missed out 🙂

It was an interesting experience watching both Jon and Arzu (who I consider a good friend as well) go through the trials of organising a marriage in a short time frame.  From the Church’s mandatory marriage counseling / training sessions, to organising all the moving parts.  The wedding dress drama, the wedding suite drama, invitations, flowers, attendees, photographer, practice sessions….. it seemed like the stress might get to everyone at different points.

But last Saturday we all arrived for the big day.  The weather was fine with the rain holding off at the right times for the outdoor events, with the exception of the after married photos outside the church.  

Somehow we were 30 minutes behind time when I arrived at the staging hotel at 8.00 am but everything worked out.

The moment they said their vows to each other I found surprisingly emotional for me.  As they looked at each other I got to look directly at Arzu’s face.  I got to see and feel her total joy and happiness, it hit me with full impact.  I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t have felt prouder of my two friends.

Now at the reception there was dancing (including crazy but fun zaffe dancing when we entered), kissing and lots of happy people.

I got to deliver the best man’s speech.  I deliver presentations and speeches professionally all the time but I was nervous for this event.  I guess I wanted to do my friends proud.  I wanted people to know what I know about them.  I want them to start their marriage on best possible foot.

​I envy Arzu and Jonathan for finding each other and have the strength to commit to each other before family and friends (including streaming to the world!).

​I thank them for including me and letting me share in the joy and happiness.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world. https://nathanburgessinsights.com/travel/
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