World Trip 2009-2010: Day 24 – Santa Cruz to Sucre, Bolivia

Sunday 20 December 2009
: AeroSur high altitude flight and hair rising landing

We said goodbye to David who had an earlier flight to catch, it seems that the first part of our tour is now over. Andrew wrote a personal message to David and gave it to him with our tip.

The arriving flight in Sucre was very interesting; we landed with a lot of speed at a high altitude of 2,700 metres, the plane barely stopped before the end of the runway. Both Gareth and I as seasoned plane travelers noticed the difference and were happy to depart. On this plane you exit at the rear end with stairs dropping down.  Once outside I saw just how small the airfield is and how dangerous it would be in bad weather.

At our brilliant new hotel we learnt we would have 7 new people joining our tour, 6 of them are just doing a Bolivia tour only. Our new friends are; Marianna Lopert (Aus), Monica Haydock (Aus), Nick Emmel (UK), Renato Dariol (Aus), Titch Dharamsi (Can), Indumeena Sambandam (Can), Lance Eder (South Africa), Cindy Liu (Aus) and our new Tour Guide for the next 11 days Jose Valdivia.

We headed out as a new group to have some local Bolivian food, this time I had the chicken. I spent most of the night talking to Titch, Indu and Monica and the new group appeared to mix well. I know Karen, Kelly and Shrina kicked on to the very early hours of the next day at least!

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