World Trip 2009-2010: Day 23 – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Saturday 19 December 2009
Highlights: Night club dancing and fun

The overnight train trip went well; they even served a nice meal. Kelly seemed to sleep well curled up like a cat in the opposite seat; I believe Andrew and Gareth played Mario Kart on the DS consoles for most of the night.

We checked into our new hotel and this time Martin joined me and Andrew as a roommate. The showers were very welcome especially since I hadn’t had a shower yesterday or put another way 38 hours later I needed a shower!

David took us on a walk to the main square and we enjoyed an English breakfast. From here we went shopping, for a short time Karen, Kelly and Shrina thought they had found some great bargains in a dress shop but it turned out they charged in US dollars not Bolivian 🙂

During our shopping adventure Kelly sent me into a shop to buy a Monopoly board game for us to play on Christmas. Kelly had already tried to get the price down from 30 BS (Bolivian) to 25 BS, when I tried to bargain I got sent out of the shop, never get an Australian male to bargain I suppose!

After this shopping trip both Andrew and myself were very happy to try out some local ice cream (very nice on a hot day) and we run into Emma, Gareth and Martin. With the group back together we went back to the square and an Irish Pub for some late lunch and a few beers. I even learned a new game called coins from Gareth.

We went out for a final dinner with David and ate some fine Bolivian food (I had a beef dish, Andrew went for chicken). David and Gareth explained the history of Cuba and why I should go there next.

After dinner we went to a night club, ‘Club Zero’ they tried to rip us off on our VIP lounge entry charge so we just went into the general section. I managed to destroy Martin and Karen’s drinks by knocking the table, maybe 5 beers was my limit. After dancing a little (yes Kelly pulled me onto the floor) I left with Emma and Gareth (who was having problems with his ankle).

Andrew, Martin and a giggling Karen showed up around 3 am from memory. Andrew is certainly enjoying the local beers and dancing.

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