World Trip 1986: Flight Journal

My first ever international trip was way back in 1986 with my entire family.   We traveled between 27 November 1986 and 9 December 1986 (12 days) visiting the USA and Mexico.

To do this we flew on four flights (across three travel legs) and one airlines (Qantas). We were flying for a total distance of 25,942 km and 32 hours 50 minutes.

Leg 1
8,858 km Melbourne to Honolulu – 10 hours 25 minutes (Qantas Economy)
Transit time: 1 hours 40 minutes
4,113 km Honolulu to Los Angeles – 5 hours 25 minutes (Qantas Economy)

Leg 2
4,113 km Los Angeles to Honolulu – 6 hours 5 minutes (Qantas Economy)

Leg 3
8,858 km Honolulu to Melbourne – 10 hours 55 minutes (Qantas Economy)

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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