World Trip 1986: United States of America and Mexico

Highlights: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Tijuana, Circus Circus, Vegas, Beaches in Hawaii, Pearl Habour Remembrance.

As a twelve year old I went on my first overseas trip between 27 November and 9 December 1986 for a 13 day adventure.

This was a great adventure which got me out of primary school and made my friends very jealous 😀 My entire family traveled together: my parents (Helen and Barry) , sisters (Kara and Lana) and brother (Reagan).  We visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tijuana and Honolulu.  This was to be our only overseas trip as a family with my father passing in 1990.  While I don’t recall everything I do remember enough.  I remember playing the arcade games in the hotel never Disneyland for 25 cents, losing quarter after quarter late into the night.

I loved Disneyland but for me Knott’s Berry Farm was the best, in particular the roller coaster rides. I remember how crossing into Mexico to visit Tijuana was really easy but getting back was much much harder.  Las Vegas was so colourful, Circus Circus was a lot of fun for a 12 year old, my brother he was 18 didn’t have as much fun given he couldn’t gamble.

The last stop was in Hawaii at Honolulu.  By accident we were there for the Pearl Habour Remembrance Day.  Lots of veteran marches and USA Flags everywhere.  While the beaches I remember as being good it was the extremely oversized ice creams were purchased in Honolulu that has stuck, I mean they were bigger than my head!!

This was one true moment together as a family.  Yes we had a few fights and temper tantrums amongst the kids but it was just before my brother Reagan joined the workforce the next year.  In many ways it was the last true family moment when we are all children with the world full of amazement, our parents the word of authority and the world a happy place full of joy. The problems of the next six years weren’t here yet.  Everyone was alive including my grandparents.  Happy times.

How lucky was I to have such and experience?  I guess it started my love affair with seeing the world which has taken my to every continent on the planet and 52 countries and counting. I was blessed at this time in my life and I am currently blessed.  The pain I between these moments makes this blessed experiences even greater. Thank you Mum and Dad for your sacrifices.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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