2016 Travel Just Got Very Comfortable 

The 2016 World Trip to Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam is starting to take sharp. I’ve decided that for this trip I will try an experience First Class travel on long haul using my QANTAS points. After investigating the options it looks like catching a Emirates first class flight on their A380 is the way to go. Frequent Flyers informed me also to go for a day flight to enjoy all the benefits.

Therefore I’m going to try an book the Emirates 6.00 am flight from Sydney to Dubai which is a 14 hour flight using an A380 that seems to have a lot of first class award seats available. I couldn’t find any seats via Melbourne on an A380 Emirates flight and they are all at night anyway.

Next up I’ll stay in Dubai for less than 24 hours and fly to Colombo which is a 4 hour flight. The less than 24 hour stay means the first class award seat is calculated as one flight from Melbourne to Colombo (Sri Lanka) saving me many reward points and some taxes. This also means I can go to a show in Dubai or some sightseeing, maybe check out the ski resort in the mall. 

The Emirates first class experience includes chauffeur pick up and drop off before and after the flight. Now in Sydney I won’t be able to use this service as I’ll stay at the hotel next to the airport since it’s a 6 amflight. But in Dubai I’ll definitely use this service; I might be the only person in a chauffeur car getting dropped off at the budget hotel 😅

Emirates First Class seat – bed

 Now what does the Emirates A380 first class experience include? Well a shower at 40,000 feet for starters, a real TV, pop up drink service, a bed (for a catnap since they leave at 6 am) and a very wide selection of food and drinks. And I almost forgot there is a bar as well and free Wi-Fi!

Emirates A380 First Class Bar Experience

 Emirates First Class A380 Review 1 

Emirates First Class A380 Review 2

So after this I can cross off a first class long haul flight of the bucket list on a trip take will also allow me to also see an Australian Test Match in another country (part of another bucket list item) and them onwards to travel in four countries I want to experience.

  Now I just need the Cricket Australia to confirm dates for the July-August tour so I can start hunting down award seats and link up to tours.

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