2015 Myrtleford Easter Tennis Tournament

Friday 03 April 2015 – Monday 06 April 2015 – Photos

My first tournament since starting a gym program with personal trainer Kevin and I had high expectations.  I even  re-entered the singles event for the first time in 4 years.  While the results didn’t go my way I definitely felt it wasn’t due to lack of fitness or motivation I was unsuccessful, maybe skills and bad luck :).  I can only hope with 12 more months of gym work I will be even stronger.


D Singles 3-7 (lost 4 sudden death games)

D Doubles 3-7 (with Reagan, lost 5 sudden death games), 7-0 (forfeit)

C Doubles 2-7 (with Leon, lost 3 sudden death games), 4-7 (lost 1 sudden death game)

** Note at this point Saturday night I had lost 13 sudden death games in a row (out of 28 games lost) and received a pizza award!

D Mixed Doubles 7-0 & 5-7 (with Kara, won 1 sudden death game, lost 3 sudden death games)

So the story was losing all these close games.  I felt I was playing well but just kept up coming short.  I didn’t really get any easy opponents and I could definitely see some of them on the nearby courts!

But this isn’t just about playing tennis.  It’s about taking a break from the city and having some fun.  Watching Erin do the bunny hop song was a definite highlight 🙂

Chocolate and tennis so go together!


Catching up with Catherine and her fast growing 3 year old daugther Hannah and their family let to some fun and games.  Quality time with the grestest mother – daugther combination I’ve meet in Lyn and Elle Longmuir is always fun. 

So it’s another year over and now time to concentrate on the upcoming India and Japan trip which is only 11 days away.

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