World Trip 2012-13: Day 84 – Oaxaca, Mexico

Wednesday 19 December 2012
Highlights: Largest Tree in the World, Zapotec ruins, Petrified Waterfalls, Mezcal alcohol, Traditional clothes weaving.

An enormous day of activities and and embarrassing moment for myself. Today I signed up for a multiple event tour out of Oaxaca. This started with a visit to Tule which has the largest (wildest) tree in the world. They had to do testing to make sure it was only one tree it is so large. A local girl highlighted different imagines in the trunk and branches. The nearby church like tiny in comparison to this massive tree.

Next stop was the Mitla ruins which were built by the Zapotec around 900 years BC. This area was still in use when the Spanish come along in the 1500s and is remarkably well preserved. However the Spanish did try to convert the local population the the Catholic revision and destroyed some of the site and built a major church on top of some of the ruins. It is thought that some human sacrifices did occur here and there are burial plots in the ruins.

Next up was a visit to Hierve el Agua a set of pools on a cliff face with a petrified waterfall. The mountain views were amazing, as was the major fall if you went of the edge! I enjoyed a swim in the one of the natural pools, the water was fairly cold especially compared to the hot weather but not as cold as some locals Mexicans men made out as the stepped slowly into the water and were almost crying. The cold water however helped with my hangover from last night.

Now the embarrassing movement of my entire trip happened at this point. There was a very steep drop in the pool and as a result the under side of my bathers got ripped. Basically this meant I was briefly flashing anyone looking. Worst still this was a rare day when I didn’t really have any backup pants. It took an imaginative approach to solve this particular problem. Luckily it wasn’t overalls noticeable 🙂

The clothing malfunction might I cut short the swimming and any events that needed a lot of movement. Next up was a visit to a local facility that made Mezcal alcohol with lots of free shots. This was mostly 40% proof alcohol. Our last stop was at a local family who demonstrated the lengthly progress of making clothes in the traditional method and how they create the colours for the fabrics.

On the return to Oaxaca I could finally change into something decent and decided that I wasn’t going to go out drinking tonight especially.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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