World Trip 1999-2000: Day 90 York to Durham, England

Monday 7 February 2000
Highlights: Durham Cathedral, Durham Castle

We travelled to Durham today were we stayed out our first Bed and Breakfast of the trip, an English tradition I could get used to 🙂

Durham is home to the Durham Cathedral built as a shrine to St Cuthbert and dates from the 12th century. The Norman design of the Cathedral set the design standard for later similar structures.  Originally monks inhabited the Cathedral until Henry VIII reformation of the church away from Roman Catholic to the Church of England (Anglican Church).

We also visited Durham Castle, originally a Palace for the Durham Bishop.  The bishop was known as the prince bishop and could raise armies, levy taxes and press coins, not exactly religious powers.  These powers eventually returned to the King and Crown.  The castle is now home to the local university and even has a chapel dating back to 1045 AD.

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