Flight Review – SQ208 Melbourne to Singapore

Flight Path: Melbourne to Singapore

Singapore Airlines
Date: Saturday 29 April 2023
Gate: 14A
Seat: 12K (Business Class Seat | Window)
Plane: B777-300ER
Boarded: 18:14
Pushback: 18:56 (Scheduled 18:25)
Departed: 19:11
Arrived: 00:17 (Scheduled 00:15)
Scheduled Duration: 7 hour 50 minutes
Distance: 6,025 kms

This was the first leg of two flights on two different airplanes to get to my final destination in Istanbul, Türkiye. The next flight is Singapore to Istanbul after a scheduled 1 hour 50 minute stopover.

This flight was from Tullamarine (Melbourne) Airport to Changi (Singapore) Airport.

Airport Check In

Airport Check In opened at the Singapore Airlines Business Class counters (L counters) around 3.25 pm. I checked in a 3.35 pm using the Business Class line which had no one in it.

My one bag was checked though to flight SQ392 (Singapore to Istanbul). This is always one of the biggest flight worries, will your bag make it to the destination? To mitigate the worse case of a lost bag I pack as many of the essentials as I can in my daypack in case my bag is delayed or lost.

Security and customs clearance was very easy. I was put in the ‘Fast Path’ lane but there were barely anyone in the security lines. Being a Saturday afternoon this would have been easier then during the week or for the many early morning international departures. This airport uses full body scanners which caught no problems for me.

At Customs I scanned my passport and they looked at the camera to get the security gates to open and I was airside in less than 10 minutes. Past security you gave to walk though and past many shops as the airport forces you to zig zag around in order to get to your departure gate or in my case Lounges.


As I was travelling in Business Class on Singapore Airlines I had access to Singapore Airlines SilverKris (Business Class) Lounge (see review) as well as the Air New Zealand Koru (Business Class) Lounge (see review) as per Star Alliance Lounge access rules. The Air New Zealand lounge was the superior lounge and I spent the majority of my time there.

Having Lounge access before long international flights (my two flights plus the stopover make it nearly 21 hours) is a huge bonus. I used the shower facilitates in the Air New Zealand lounge to ensure peak hydration and hygiene before this long journey.


We boarded from Gate 14A using priority boarding. First Class and Business Class passengers moved into a roped off area with seats before boarding. As I was travelling in Business Class I was given the second opportunity to board behind passengers with mobility issues and passengers with babies.

Premium Economy and Economy Passengers wait separately

Business and First Class passengers turned left on the boarding bridge with premium economy and economy passengers going down the ramp to the right.

We boarded late almost 20 minutes late and as a consequence the flight left even later.

The Seat

Singapore Airlines B777-300ER Business Class seats set up in 1-2-1 rows, meaning A and K seats mostly have windows (there are some exceptions).

There are 12 rows in business class with 4 seats in each row equalling 48 business class seats. There are also 4 First Class seats, 28 Premium Economy and 184 Economy Seats.

The seat is covered by quilt and Scottish leather encased by polished copper for an elegant look. The seats recline into a nice and comfortable 78 inch sleeping pod with padded duvets. I did not turn the seat into a bed for this 7 hour 50 minute flight as I wanted to delay sleep as long as possible to start adjusting to Türkiye time.

Seats are equipped with 100V power outlet to charge devices, and 18 inch HD screen for entertainment. I found the seat to be very spacious and comfortable.

I used the entertainment system to watch two movies; Puss in Boots – The Last Wish and later Black Adam. I also used the internet access provided to write lounge reviews and read news articles. A great way to pass the time. Internet speeds tested as 8.4 Mbps downloads and 1.32 Mbps uploads. Not fast but still great to have included access during the flight.

Amenity Kit

There was no amenity kit provided, it looks like they were not loaded.

Meals and Drinks

You are provided with pre-departure drink options I choose an orange juice. Before pushback I was asked if I wanted a drink after take off and I went for champagne with was served later with mixed nuts.

During this scheduled 7 hour 50 minute flight we had Dinner and a Refreshment service.

The Dinner option was served 20.02 AEST and the Refreshment service commenced 00:30 or about one hour 40 minutes before the scheduled arrival.

If using the Singapore Airlines Book the Cook service (which I did) there was 5 dinner meal choices (see full menu below), if ordering on board there was 4 options.

The Appetiser was Smoked Duck on Slaw with mustard dressings.

For my main meal I had booked the Barramundi and fried rice, which was only available by pre-booking, and which was delicious. This was served with an option of a soft bread roll or garlic bread (my selection).

For Dessert you could pick from:
Summer Strawberry Ice Cream (my selection)
Cookies and Cream Cheescake
Cheese and Crackers
Selection of sliced fresh fruits

The Refreshments menu had two options:

  • Penne Pasta with Chorizo Sausages and Bacon (my selection)
  • Nasi Goreng (spicy fried rice with prawns)

The Penne was cooked just right.

While for my meals I only ordered Coke there was a huge range of drink options:

  • Champagne – Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve
  • White – 2021 Heggies Vineyard Estate Riesling
  • White – 2021 Chartron and Trebuchet Poulily-Fuisse
  • Red – 2016 Chateau Pey La Tour Reserve
  • Red – 2019 Dandelion “Lionheart of the Barossa” Shiraz
  • Fortified wine – Kopke 10 years
  • Cocktail – Singapore SLing
  • Cocktail – SilverKris Sling
  • Cocktail – Cuba Libre
  • Cocktail – Screwdriver
  • Cocktail – Grand Pineapple Daiquiri
  • Cocktail – Alspritzer (sparkling vodka)
  • Cocktail – Jubilee Lining
  • Cocktail – Rumba (rum with pineapple juice and 7 Up)
  • Cocktail – Bloody Mary
  • Cocktail – Bellini
  • Aperitif – Campari
  • Spirit – Courvoisier XO Cognac
  • Spirit – Glen Deveron 16 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
  • Spirit – Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Spirit – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky
  • Spirit – Suntory Chita Single Grain Japenese Whisky
  • Spirit – Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Spirit – Grey Goose Vodka
  • Spirit – Bacardi Carta Blanc Superior White Rum
  • Spirit – Junmai Ginjo Sake
  • Liqueurs – Baileys Original Irish Cream
  • Liqueurs – Cointreau Organge Liqueur
  • Liqueurs – Choya Umesha
  • Beers – Tiger and Heineken
  • Mocktails – Midsummer Breeze, Royal Sparkle, Citrus Delight, Apple Bliss
  • Mineral Water – Sparkling or Still
  • Fruit Juices – Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato
  • Soft Drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Tonic Water, Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon, Sprite
  • Other – Low Fat Milk, Full Cream Milk, Milo, Chocolate (hot or with ice)


The service was very strong for this flight with the Flight Attendants being very professional and attentive.

The Flight

This was a smooth flight with very little turbulence. The cabin was just the right temperature. We had only minimal air turbulence.

The cabin was fairly quiet with the included headset helping remove unwelcome noises.


We arrived almost making up time from the delayed departure. I didn’t have to clear customs in Singapore instead going directly to my next flight while hoping my bag makes the journey as well.

However at Changi (Singapore) Airport final security is done at each Gate unlike at most airports.


The delayed start to this flight was the only negative on this Singapore Airlines flight. Singapore Airlines in business class provide a very good service with a good seat, included internet and an extensive entertainment service.

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