Outback Australia 2022: Day 3 – Broome to Fitzroy Crossing, WA

Fitzroy Crossing, WA – Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park

Sunday 21 August 2022.
: Gantheaume Point (in the morning), Willare pit stop, Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park

Today was the start of the actual bus travelling during the AAT Kimberly Tour leg with 400 kilometre ride today. We started we a very large buffet breakfast overlooking the beautiful Cable Beach for the last time.

Once on the bus we found out there is now 35 passengers, plus our guide Dave and driver Michael. Two people dropped out last minute. Kara and myself got spare seats next to ourselves for the day which makes transiting to long distance road travel a little easier.

We headed off to Gantheaume Point, which Kara and myself visited independently to this tour group yesterday afternoon but the view is different in the morning and we explored a few new areas. From here is was a bus ride around Broome pointing out areas that Kara and me managed to actually visit yesterday which was much better than just seeing from the bus.

Broome, WA – Kara exploring Gantheaume Point

We had one stop today at Willare for an early lunch. As there are very few food stops around in this remote area you need to strategically stop when you can. The landscape is getting harsher, dryer and more beautiful.

Willare, WA – A pit stop before pushing onto Fitzroy Crossing

On the road to Fitzroy Crossing we watched a documentary called Jandamarra’s War which tells the story of Jandamarra, a famous Aboriginal Australian warrior of the Bunuba people. In 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading European pastoralists in order to defend Bunuba land and culture. This was a fascinating but of history in particular why the uprising began and the terrible treatment of the Bunbury people in this area.

Shortly after arriving into Fitzroy Crossing we checked in a left for a visit to the gorgeous and stunning Geikie Gorge National Park. We learned how this area can have floods rising over 5 metres in the wet season!

Fitzroy Crossing, WA – Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park

We had a short 40-50 minute slow cruise down the banks of this national treasure. It is hard to believe but the majority of the rocks in this area aren’t rocks but instead fossilised coral from tens of thousand of years ago when this area was a sea.

Fitzroy Crossing, WA – Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park part of our lovely cruise.

We got to witness for the first time on this trip fresh water crocodiles, and once again wallabies just enjoying nature.

That evening we enjoyed a nice evening back at our accommodation, first exploring the area and then a nice dinner. I even tried some Swan beer 🙂

Fitzroy Crossing, WA – a restaurant at our accommodation

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