Outback Australia 2022: Day 2 – Broome, WA

Saturday 20 August 2022.
Highlights: Cable beach at sunrise and sunset, mini-golf challenge, the Blue Buddha, pool time, historic Sun Pictures Cinema, Roebuck Bay, Mateos Broome Brewery, Gantheaume Point.

Today we decided to start with a visit to Cable Beach and see the sunrise meaning leaving our room at 6 am. Walking bare foot across this amazing beach with the Indian Ocean rolling in was a beautiful start to the day.

Broome, WA – Cable Beach at sunrise

Next up was a buffet breakfast that offered view of the ocean and lovely pancakes 🙂

From here it was a chance to explore the Resort. A mini-golf challenge saw Kara beat me on the last hole as I lost the golf ball. Talk about a choke.

Broome – Mini golf

Next up was a visit to the Blue Buddha which was a calming space to mediate and do yoga.

Broome – Blue Buddha Sanctuary

Then it was on to pool time. The resort has two pools, one for adults and the other for families. The family pool has a spa, which was fun, but the adult pool was nice and quiet. Both well enjoyable.

Broome – Cable Beach Resort

In the afternoon we had booked a Broome Sightseeing Tour. This started with a visit to local pearl producer Cygnet Bay where we learned the history of the pearl industry in particular how it was basically stopped during World War 2 due to the local pearling workforce mostly being Japanese workers.

Broome – Cygnet Bay Pearlers

Next up was a visit to the historic Sun Pictures Cinema the oldest outdoor cinema in the world which open in 1916. Some of the history included flooding during shows coming up to ankles. I would love to watch a movie in this cinema.

Broome – Sun Pictures Cinema
Broome – Sun Pictures Cinema

We then visited Roebuck Bay and learned how the Japanese bombed Broome which was something I didn’t know.

Broome – Roebuck Bay

Lunch was spent at the Mateos Broome Brewery which included two sample local beers, Ginger Beer (3.5%) and Mango Beer (4.5%) and a very nice pub snack food that really was closer to a lunch.

Next up was a visit to the Japanese Cemetery. This highlighted how much Broome relied on Japanese. We then dropped off some passengers for camel rides and the rest of the group moved onto Gantheaume Point which has amazing rock formations and some dinosaur footprints.

Broome – Gantheaume Point
Broome – Gantheaume Point

The last stop on the half day tour was some sparkling wine and nibbles on Cable Beach watching the sunset. This was at a different location from the previous night and was a sight to behold. There were many locals and their children and dogs playing in the sand the ocean in a great community spirit.

Broome – Cable Beach
Broome – Cable Beach

Once back at the resort we watch some camel returning from the beach before getting some milkshakes and then enjoying another swim in the pool but this time under the stars! What a full and enjoyable day 🙂

Broome – Cable Beach, camels finished for the day

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  1. Anna says:

    Welcome to the best coast…i mean west coast 🤪

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