Outback Australia 2022: Day 4 – Fitzroy Crossing to Halls Creek, WA

Monday 22 August 2022.
Highlights: Exploring Fitzroy Crossing, the landscape at Ngumban Cliff,

Today was a late start not needing to be at breakfast until 7am and not leaving until 9 am. Kara and me decided to take advance of this by exploring the property but some of our fellow travellers suggested walking to the Fitzroy Bridge and this was a very good idea. This bridge is almost 20 metres high but only 6 months ago for underwater. Nature can be beautiful and dangerous in this region.

Fitzroy Crossing, WA.

Today was a shorter 290 kilometre travelling day. After only an hour we stopped off at Ngumban Cliff area for morning tea, juice and biscuits. This gave us a chance to survey the more desert surrounding area.

Ngumban Cliff, WA

During the next two hour drive we watched a documentary titled The Human Race – A Race Across Australia which saw three very different men, Australian Aboriginal elder, 72 year old Jack Jugarie, German survival expert, 61 year old Rudiger Nehberg, and 35 year oldAmerican ultra marathon runner Dave Covey walk more than 500 kilometres though the Kimberly area. Human physical and mental strengthen and endurance on distance. The documentary highlight the tough landscape of this region.

Shortly after arriving in Halls Creek we had lunch then set out to visit the Yarliyil Arts – The Heart of Art complex. Some exceptional Aboriginal artwork was on display and we could even watch an artist as she worked. The prices were a little too much for me but I could see the value. We also got to see a little of this small town.

Halls Creek, WA
Halls Creek, WA – Yarliyil Arts – The Heart of Art

From here we went out to visit the China Wall. A nature wall created but landmass forcing out certain rocks. Kara was a real explorer during this visit seeking the best viewing spot.

Halls Creek, WA – China Wall created by nature

From here it was back to accommodation and a use of the pool to cool down. I only put my legs in the water and chatted with other travellers. The water was very cold. That just left us with a nice group dinner under the stars.

Halls Creek, WA – Zebra Rock

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