Flight Review – BA6416 Cape Town to Johannesburg

Airline: Comair (Part of British Airways)
Plane: Boeing 737-800
Gate: A8
Seat: 2A (Club / Business Class window seat)
Pushback: 13.25 (Scheduled 13.25) / Takeoff: 13.40
Arrived: 15.21 (Scheduled 15.25) / At Gate: 15.25
Duration: 2 hours
Length: 790 miles / 1,272 kms
Summary: A very good short domestic flight, good soft product.

First leg of three legs to get from Cape Town eventually to Melbourne via Johannesburg and Sydney. Before this flight I enjoyed the domestic Cape Town SLOW Lounge (review). I booked this flight as part of a QANTAS Award seat redemption.

Business class has five across seats, with 2 seats in one aisle (seats A & B) and 3 seats in the other aisle (D, E & F). It did not appear as if the middle seat in the 3 seat was blocked or empty as in one of the rows there were three passengers. I had an empty seat next to my in seat 2B.

The plane has no inflight entertainment. Drinks (water, juice and wine) were offered pre take-off along with a warm wash cloth. After takeoff we were offered two meal choices in business class, either pasta or chicken sandwich. I choose the pasta severed with salad (and dressing), crackers and cheese, a Lindt chocolate, and a cake. I choose a soft drink (lemonade) for a beverage. The meal service was very good for a short domestic flight.

There was no turbulence during the flight and the flight attendants were attentive for example offering to refill my drink when empty. An enjoyable short flight service.

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