Flight Review – QF064 Johannesburg to Sydney

Airline: Qantas
Plane: Boeing 747-800
Gate: A6
Seat: 5B (Business Class Window seat)
Pushback: 18.58 (Scheduled 18.50) / Takeoff: 19.09
Arrived: 14.57 (Scheduled 15.30) / At Gate: 15.04
Duration: 10 hours 59 minutes
Length: 6,863 miles / 11,045 kms
Summary: A good hard product (in seats 5B and 5J), good soft product and service. Would be better if all business class seats had direct aisle access.

Before getting to the gate there was a search for drinks which were removed from passengers. I was behind one passenger who was very unhappy having just purchased a soft drink and water. This lead to a few minute hold up and the airport checker complaining to me about the complaining passenger who headed back to the store looking for a refund.

Boarding was done first with business class and Platinum and Gold members first. Several passengers were sent back for not being eligible for priority boarding which is a great priority service.

I had allocated seat 5B which was the first seat after entering via the business lane. This allowed me to hold a discussion with the flight attendant at the door while she was waiting for other business passengers. This seat is both a window and aisle exit row seat. The business class seats are the fully-flat Qantas Skybed II seats with the following specifications: 60.9cm (24in) bed width, 203.2cm (80in) seat pitch and bed length, back massage function, leather armrests and 30.7cm (12.1in) in arm entertainment screen.

Dinner and Breakfast menus were waiting on the chair. Pens were given out for the breakfast order which the cabin crew collected before pushback. Later Immigration cards and express pass were handed out,

My main flight attendant Lucas introduced himself when providing a pre flight drink (water / orange juice / wine). I was advised there was a very strong tail wind and we are expected to land in Sydney early by approximately 30 minutes.

Amenity kit was handed out and included face mask, toothbrush and paste, ear plugs, soaks, a postcard, and the Aspar Travel Essentials pack (hand cream, face moisturiser, lip balm). Pyjamas were also offered, several passengers rushed to change before pushback but most waited for after takeoff including myself. Several passengers declined the pjs which I found surprising given this is an overnight flight.

I used the pre order service for the first time and ordered for dinner;
– Small plate: braised beef, mushroom and red wine shepherd’s pie
– Large plate: Seared kingklip with roasted potato wedges, smashed peas, tartare sauce and lemon.

The food was in good proportions and tasted great. I only selected soft drink as a beverage but there were many other alcohol options along with juices.

The inflight entertainment system had a large number of current and old movies and TV shows which I used at different times during the flight. The music channel ‘classic’ was particularly entertaining during the long flight.

The seat itself was good for sleeping when converted into a bed although the head shell can be a bit tight if you turn a lot during your sleep. The flight attendant will put a thin ‘mattress’ over the seat before you switch the seat into a bed. I particularly enjoyed the extra storage space next to seat 5B so definitely worth selecting this seat if possible. I changed into

The Boeing 747 is an amazing plane and part of aviation history having started the modern jet age back in the 1970s. This plane type is quickly being phased out for the more fuel efficient and quieter planes but it holds a fond place in most travellers hearts and I enjoyed what will probably be my last ever B747 flight.

Breakfast service commenced about 2 hours from landing. As I had changed out of the Qantas pyjamas I was one of the first served. The windows had been closed for the majority of the flight in order to encourage passengers to sleep especially given we were moving into daylight half way though the flight but our bodies were on nighttime hours.

This was a smooth and fast flight with fast tail winds pushing us quickly to Sydney and more than making up for the slight delay in taking off. I really like the Qantas service on international flights, I mostly get very good to excellent service and the was the case with this flight. I also carefully selected easily the best seat for a single traveller however the overall business class cabin needs to be improved so no business class passengers have to step over another business class passenger.

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