Lounge Review – SLOW Cape Town Domestic Lounge

When visited: January 2018
Time of day: Lunch (11.05 to 12.35)
Rating: 4 / 5

– Flying on Oneworld flight number in either business class or Emerald / Sapphire Member
– Comair / British Airways Frequent Flyer
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

I could access the SLOW Cape Town Domestic Lounge as a result of flying Comair Club (business) class.

The SLOW Cape Town Domestic Lounge is located on the 4th floor, after security you go right and when you see Gate A8 you go right again and than take life to 4th floor.

Lounge has two levels. Main food area is on the first level but main barista / bar is on the second level. Toilets ‘with a view’ are on the first level. Two private rooms on the second level.

The main food station is on the first floor and includes mini sandwiches and hot dogs, cheese and crackers, fruit, and various cakes / desserts. The second floor as the same items except less of them in particular the dessert options.

Self serve alcohol including about ten different wines. Beer is in mini fridge next to soft drink and water bottles (on both levels). Several people took 1 litre water bottles with them when leaving the lounge.

The toilets are located on the first level and offer a ‘loo with a view’ which is a view of the tarmac.

There are private rooms and numerous workbenches but no computers or printers that I could see. There are many different types of seating with about half giving you access to power points. The bigger tables and work benches also have power points.

Wifi requires a password from reception, internet speed is just reasonable for browsing and streaming audio (I was listening to Australia vs England One Day cricket match).

Great viewing area with lots of natural light, the two levels provide a lot of space with the second level been much quieter if you are willing to walk up the stairs.

A shower would be great but this is a domestic lounge so not essential. The lounge makes announcements for departing flights but the announcements are not very loud so it’s possible to miss them so watch the boards and the clock.

A fine domestic lounge with wifi, food & beverages and ample seating and power points.

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