Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 21 Serengeti, Tanzania

Part 2 of 2. Tuesday 12 December 2017. Photos – Serengeti
Highlights: The elusive leopards, fighting antelopes, elephants, lightning storm

In the afternoon we moved into the Serengeti itself. This was a much more rough and dirty road and we coped a significant amount of dirt following other vehicles across the afternoon.

The amazing sight in the Serengeti is the thousands of wildebeest who have mitigated here from Kenya. There were everywhere but the best sight was when they were running in long line. Most of the time they intermixed with the zebras.

Our goals this afternoon was to find leopards which we achieved not once but twice in the later afternoon. The first leopard sighting had us waiting for around 45 minutes watching a group of zebras grazing. The zebras received something bad was in the area and eventually moved out of distance of the leopard. Eventually the leopard came out of hiding after realising that a kill was impossible. Leopards are almost impossible to view but we got very lucky with this one.

Not long afterwards while heading to camp we noticed a significant number of vehicles stopped and went to investigate. It turned out another leopard was resting on the ground grooming itself for the later hunt. This was an amazing last minute find, we were extremely lucky.

This also gave us a chance for close up experience with some elephants instead of from a distance.

During the afternoon we also saw some antelopes practice fighting and giraffes on the way to the Serengeti.

Our camp sight for the night has not gates or barriers to stop the animals visiting which might special rules for protection, mostly only leaving your tent with others, never alone, making no noises and having no food in your tents. Toilet visits during the night were to be kept to absolute minimum. For me once I was set in the tent I didnt’ come out until daybreak the next day. I also didn’t attempt to shower, there were far to many bugs to make that a viable option.

Before going to bed I watched an amazing electrical storm. The lightning was confirmed to the clouds so never hit the ground but it put on a great show. During the night I heard lots of sounds from nature and a few animals walking into the campsite. An interesting way to sleep with nature.

Earlier – The Ngorongoro Crater

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