World Trip 2012-13: Day 93 – Playa de Carmen, Mexico

Friday 28 December 2012
Highlights: Farewell Dinner

After 14 days it was time to end the Mexico Ancient Civilizations part of my Mexican and Central America trip. Today we farewelled Tina, Luna, Sam, Patricia, Aaron, Lauren and Kate. I had originally been a little concerns that I would fit into a basic style tour aimed at 18-39 year olds but the departing tour members made me feel very welcome and I’ll miss them all to varying degrees.

The hotel we are staying at was very much luxury in my book; TV, air conditioner, included breakfast and a pool. I expect the basic part of the trip will start during the next stage of this trip.

During the day I didn’t do too much other than explore the town. While Playa del Carmen isn’t like Cancun it is still heavily aimed at the Western market, for example it’s possible to use US dollars for purchases and they have both a MacDonald’s and a huge Walmart.

I did however run into Ben Noonlan my roommate from the Patagonia and Antarctica trip back in October. Ben had been to some of the places I’m visiting in the next week and he gave me the down low on this places and my new tour leader Andrea. Very small world when you run into an Australian from Victoria in Mexico after first meeting them in Argentina 🙂

Our farewell dinner was at a place called Fusion on the beach. We sat in low chairs on the beach and enjoyed dealing our travel stories from the last 2 weeks. This place served the sweetest burger I’ve ever had, and opinion shared by many of our table. At the end of the dinner we got to enjoy a local dance show involving fire and lots of shouting. Can’t believe I forgot my camera 😦

I had given Sid my tip earlier in the night which was higher than the recommended. As a tour leader he is just about perfect for this type of tour, laid back and always calm even when we do stupid stuff. Sid did go above and beyond on a few occasions especially in relation to Christmas Eve. His support of the unwell travellers, of which there were many was also great.

Tomorrow evening we formally meet our new tour leader, who I briefly met today, and eight new travelling companions.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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