World Trip 2012-13: Day 94 – Playa de Carmen, Mexico

Highlights: Meeting new tour members

Another lazy day walking around Playa del Carmen, watching some TV and writing blog entries and emails to those back home that I miss.

The new tour members are Andrew Palmer, Rita Karlsen, Anna Furness, Joanne Watson, Roman Buechler, Sylvia Stocker, Josephine (Josie) Huck and Yasmin Ahmed. James, Robin, Stephen, Laura, Noami, Yomi and myself continue with the tour and that the number to 16. Andrea Moreno is our tour leader for the 16 day Mayan Sun part of this trip.

During dinner I learnt that Andrea was been doing tour leading for 12 months and was born in Mexico City. Andrea seems like a great women who likes to have fun and really enjoys what she does for a living.

I spoke to most people in the group and advised them of Laura’s, Kate’s (who is now in a hostel) and my plan to travel to the Tulum ruins tomorrow morning and it looks like others will join in as well.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)

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An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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