World Trip 2012-13: Day 91 – Merida and Cuzama, Mexico

Wednesday 26 December 2012
Highlights: Visit to the cenotes (water sink holes).

Woke up during the night feeling unwell and I didn’t get any better by the time for our 7 am catch up with Sid for today’s option activity to the sink holes at Cuzama. Initially I said I wouldn’t attend but thought this is a once in a chance opportunity so decided to give it a go. The entire group other than Sid, Stephen, Luna and Cynthia are unwell.

The transport to the sink holes was an adventure in itself. First we walk to a van which took about an hour (the speed humps every 50 metres didn’t make me feel any better). From here we took a motorised trishaw and then transferred to a horse drawn rail vehicle. The last mode was very rocky and a little fun despite me upset stomach.

The sink holes are amazing, how people originally found these I’ll never know. The water was amazingly blue and peaceful to float on. I even jumped into the water from the platforms at two of the cenotes. The water made me feel a lot better but the rail transportation being so bumpy bought me back to my earlier state. I’m very happy I pushed though being unwell and went to this place.

Back at the hotel I rested up taking showers and trying to sleep. Eventually I felt well enough to get something to small to eat which added to feeling better. Tomorrow we have a 3 hour bus trip to Chichén Itzá without bathroom facilities, hopefully everyone feels better.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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