World Trip 2012-13: Day 90 – Palenque to Merida, Mexico

Tuesday 25 December 2012
Highlights: Christmas on a public bus!

Today we had a 9 hour public bus ride to Merida with an early start needing to be at reception before 7 am. We could only book one vehicle to get us to the bus due to it being Christmas. Additionally we pre booked a breakfast pack and wrapped pizzas for lunch.

Unfortunately for Kate and myself the pizza we were going to share didn’t show up but I wasn’t greatly concerned as I had a few items for the trip plus the breakfast pack (sandwich, juice and an apple) would see me though easily enough. I only had to share the seat next to me for around 4 hours with a local lady who snored loudly!

Unfortunately the stomachs virus has hit the group again. Laura in particular isn’t having a good time of it and as a precaution she will see a local Doctor. Laura is one of the group members going all the way to Panama so I hope she gets better soon. We stepped up in class at a local restaurant, with the very nice hotel it doesn’t feel like a basic tour at all!

The town looks petty good at night. I’m looking forward to exploring late tomorrow afternoon.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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