World Trip 2012-13: Day 8 – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Thursday 4 October 2012
: Tea Plantation, Hiking in the forest, Relaxing at the waterfall.

Today turned out to be a massive day. The group split into different activities, I went on the forest hiking tour. Kirsty, Yasmin, Lydia, Laurence, Sophie and myself left in our van at 8.45 am. The company picked up 2 more passengers for our van and another 8 for another van. First stop was the Boh Tea Plantation were we watched how to collect and make tea. Lydia at one point had a stalker in a very keen bee 🙂

The views were stunning and the climate brilliant. I had a chat about the country side with Ray when his tour group showed up at the same location. After leaving this location we stopped just outside the plantation and looked down at what some would call ‘God’s Country’.

From here we headed up the mountains, eventually getting to 2,000 metres high and the weather dropped to around 22 but without the humidity. I scaled a steel structure and looked down at the clouds with contempt!

Our first hike of the day was through the Mossy Forest. A simple 45 – 60 minute hike up and down stairs gave us a great view of the countryside. It was very steep and not easy for many how have some height fears. Once again we were waiting for the French guys who kept mucking around.

An hour drive then saw us deeper into the mountains at which point we did a small 5 minute hike to am aborigine (native) people’s village. I got to shot a pipe weapon and I hit the target with the dart (thank god). The dart when dripped in poison can kill an elephant in 4 minutes, a human in 30 seconds.

Next was the big hike to find a waterfall. This took about 1.5 hours to reach. Lots of climbing up and down dirt tracks. Had to grab onto trees and jump here and there but we all managed to eventually get there. Most of us walked into the very cold water which was a superb reward for this difficult hike.

We then visited butterfly farm which was really both insects and butterflies. I held a gecko but left the scorpions alone.  We decided to opt out of the strawberry farm trip and headed back to the hotel.

Our 8 hour tour had gone for over 12 hours by our return. A quick shower and we headed out for late dinner but had missed dinner with the rest of our group and the chance for tea and scones, something I would have like to do with our English tour members :(. Still the day was great, worthwhile and also a little tough.

South East Asia Facebook Photos (Part 2)


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